Freestyle Category



Competition Format:

  • All battles will have 4 rounds of 45 seconds each, except for the finals.
  • For 1 vs 1 battles, there will be 2 rounds of 45 seconds each.
  • In the finals, there will be 3 rounds of 45 seconds each for each athlete.

Judging System:

  • There will be 4 judges, each focusing on specific categories: Statics, Dynamics, Power Dynamics, and Combinations.
  • Each judge will only evaluate one category, not all of them.
  • Judges have 3 choices: Athlete 1, Athlete 2, or Draw.
  • The majority of votes determines the winner.
  • If it’s tied (2 votes for each athlete), an extra round is held for each athlete.
  • If it’s still tied, the statics and power dynamics puts together, and the decision is based on the 3 main categories. Dynamics, Combinations and Statics/power dynamics together.
  • There can’t be a tie in the finals.

Strength Endurance Category


Competition Overview:

Only Male Category

Qualification Round: Out of the 12 athletes, 8 will proceed to the battles following the qualification round.

Advancement to Battles:

  • The top 8 athletes with the highest point totals will proceed to the battles.
  • This means that 4 participants will not advance.

Next Stage:

For those who qualify in the top 8, be prepared for the following exercises. We won’t reveal the exact routine, but here are the possible exercises to work on. Each routine may consist of 4-8 exercises, details of which we won’t disclose either. You’ll also encounter weighted challenges using weight vests, dip belts, and free weights.